Join the team to fight against modern day slavery and help loose the chains of injustice

The Fight

Millions of the world’s poor are trapped in slavery, including in the U.S.  The International Labour Organization estimates there to be nearly 21 million victims of forced labor worldwide, generating $150m USD of illegal profits. 68% are victims of forced labor, while 22% are victim of sexual exploitation.  74% of victims are adults and 45% are men and boys.  The problem is pervasive and daunting, but there is something we can do.  We can join the team and use our passion to support organizations effectively fighting the fight, both globally and in our local communities.


Million victims of forced labour worldwide


Billion USD of Illegal profits generated by forced labour

Our Story

Our Mission

Organize athletes in the fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking

Our Story

Running, in many ways, can be very liberating.  As runners, we take advantage of our freedom and health every day as we prepare to step out our front doors, listen to our music, and run where we want for as long as we want.  We can feel the path beneath our feet, the wind on our skin, and the air in our lungs.  We can explore our neighborhoods and our parks.  We can explore mountains, ocean cliffs, beaches or even the desert.

We may choose to run for many different reasons, but we can make that choice because we have the freedom to make that choice.  So, what if we could choose to run for one more reason?  When you join the Race Against Traffick team, collections from your fundraising efforts will go to partner organizations who are fighting the war against human trafficking and modern-day slavery on a global and local level.  With Race Against Traffick, you can celebrate your freedom while fighting for the freedom of others.  Join the team to help loose the chains of injustice.



The Human Trafficking Institute is combating slavery at its source by empowering justice systems to stop traffickers.


Not For Sale identifies innovative, sustainable, market-based solutions to address and prevent the root causes of human trafficking worldwide.


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