Are donations tax deductible?

Yes.  Race Against Traffick is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible.

How much of my donation will be donated to the cause?

Race Against Traffick is dedicated to the fight to end human trafficking and modern day slavery, so we strive to maximize every donation.  We have no paid staff and limited administrative fees.  This allows us to pass on ~95% of your fundraising dollars to the partner organizations.  There is a small processing fee of 3% in addition to credit card fees.  All donors also have the option to cover any credit card fees, so even more dollars can be passed on to our partners.  Other administrative costs are minimal and covered with funds from non-fundraising sources.

How will donations be distributed?

Human trafficking and modern-day slavery is an issue everywhere, and Race Against Traffick recognizes this in how funds are distributed.  It is a global issue, but it is also an issue in our own backyards.  Joining the team in itself will help raise awareness in our local cities.  In addition, Race Against Traffick seeks to partner with local organizations fighting to prevent, rescue and restore victims.   If we have a partner in a local community, 10% of the fundraiser’s dollars will stay in the fundraiser’s community.  The rest will be distributed to our global partners.

I have a suggestion for a local organization, how can they be added as a partner?

Please use the contact form on the website to send suggestions you have for local organizations, along with an appropriate contact.  Our selection team will review these organization to determine if they meet our partner criteria.  Partner activities must demonstrate results in effectively fighting against human trafficking and modern day slavery, either through prevention, rescue and/or restoration.   We also review for financial responsibility and longevity.

Do I have to run, or can I participate via other racing sports (biking, iron men, obstacles, etc)?

Race Against Traffick welcomes all athletes to join the fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.